Where Forever Lies by Tara Neideffer: Review and Giveaway

Title: Where Forever Lies (Sweet Haven #1) 
Author: Tara Neideffer
Release Date: April 23, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Just as grief threatens to consume her, fate grabs her hand and leads her out of the darkness.

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when life gives you a chaotic mess of grief, but Paige Griffin is determined to make a good life for her and her three-year old daughter, Kyra. At twenty-three, she juggles her days as a nurse, with the rest of her time being a single mother. Too busy to know which way is up, she doesn't give dating much thought until one guy makes a sudden impact on her life.

Tyler Evans seems like a nice guy, good looking even, but Paige is hesitant about letting a guy into her and her daughter’s life, especially when he seems just as closed off as she. But once Paige keeps running into Tyler and his eight-year-old son, Brandon, she begins to realize that there’s more to him than she thought.

Eventually, they both find themselves unable to keep their guards up any longer; but can a country boy and a city girl make a relationship work? As they both question their love, they realize that sometimes fate has its own plan for where your forever lies.

***This is book one in a trilogy but each book can stand-alone***

***Due to sexual content, this novel is intended for audiences ages 18+***

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I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, though there were parts of it that I expected more out of. I loved both Tyler and Paige...they were great parents and I loved that both put their kids first. There were parts of this book that I felt "ugh" towards and other parts that were "wow".
It all starts with Paige receiving the call that her baby daddy has been killed in an accident. Even though they are no longer in a relationship he was still important to her and you see her struggle with how she is going to deal with her daughters loss once she's old enough to realize what she's lost. Tyler is a divorced father who wants to spend as much time as possible with his son, and gets him every weekend. A city girl and a county boy...what could go wrong! I love that getting to know Tyler makes Paige a little less neurotic.
I loved all that was in this book, but the reason I gave it 3.5 stars is that it felt like there could have been so much more. There are a couple of story lines that seemed to be introduced, but never actually went anywhere. A few characters are introduced and it seems like they are going to be important to the story but instead they fly by and their full potential are never reached. I don't know if this is going to be a series and if it is then the set up for other potential H and h has been set, but here it just sort of made it seem like half the story was told.
That being said I would still read the book again...because the story that was told is worth the read. I hope that Tara continues to write and maybe we'll be lucky enough to see Tyler and Paige again. 

Tara Neideffer was born and raised in Indiana with a love for animals, especially horses. As a child she could always be found in the saddle, running her horse at full speed through open fields. She also has a love of ghost stories and a morbid fascination with watching murder mystery shows. When she's not busy writing, she's taking care of her animals, spending time with her family or reading. She still lives in Indiana with her husband, daughter and stepson on twenty acres, with too many animals to name.

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