Perfectly Damaged by E.L. Montes: Review and Giveaway

WARNING: Due to possible triggers, sexual content, and language this book is intended for ages of 18+


Schizoaffective disorder: a mental illness in which a person experiences a combination of mood disorder and schizophrenia symptoms.

I know about this illness—very well—because I suffer from it. It’s been four years since my diagnosis, and ever since, I’ve been living in a dark hole. Voices constantly invading my thoughts. Hallucinations. All of which force me to question if what I’m experiencing is even reality.

But here I am, still hanging on, still breathing and living through it.

That is, until he stumbled into my life. Logan Reed. I don’t want any part of him. I’ve pushed him away, but he isn’t easily deterred. I’ve told him I’m different, but he doesn’t care. He’s trying to slowly break me down. I’m trying just as hard not to let him. He doesn’t know how truly damaged I am; what will happen when he does?

I know the truth—he’ll never be able to look at me the same way again. Just like everybody else. 


Schizoaffective disorder: a mental illness in which a person experiences a combination of mood disorder and schizophrenia symptoms. 

Though I only have a rudimentary knowledge of mental heath issues, I've listened to a lot of what psychology students study while my sister has gone to school for it. Having never gone to a class for it I could probably navigate my way through this DSM better than most laymen. There is something about characters battling mental illnesses that intrigues me. It is a tough topic to handle and not all books do it well, this is not that book. E.L. Montes handled it beautifully. 

Jenna is a young woman who struggles with schizoaffective disorder. She has a long history of depression and is constantly battling her own mind. On top of all of this she must deal with the loss of her sister, who was her anchor, and a mother who not only is no help, but triggers Jenna. She struggles with social paranoia which keeps her isolated and causes a sense of loneliness. 

Logan has problems of his own, but is able to see Jenna in a way that few others do. No matter how hard she pushes him away Logan refuses to leave. His patience and heart may be just the thing that Jenna needs to battle her own mind. 

One of the things I love the most that I love about this book is that it does not romanticize mental illness. It shows all the good and bad of life. Love is not a cure all, and people can suck ass. This book is a stand alone (NO CLIFFHANGER lol). It will cause your emotions to run high so tissues are highly recommended! 

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