Fangirl Friday: Amber's Pick...Crystal Spears

     I've been thinking about doing a post like this for a while. It's not a review, it's me taking a moment to publicly (on my computer) fangirl over an author who flips my switch. I have so many I could gush about, hence Fangirl Friday so that I can do this at least once a week. But on to my first choice. As difficult as it was I thought about an author who made me feel a vast amount of emotions. Who has made me laugh, cry, rock in the corner, and made my heart sing. The first author who comes to mind is Crystal Spears. While most popularity known for her Breakneck Series (which is amazeballs) I had actually read her what felt like LONG before I ever met Braxxon Breaker. Talania was one of the first indie books I one-clicked when I got my kindle (which turned out to be less than a week after it published to Amazon). Here was a story that pulled me in and refused to let me go.

     There is a beauty in written words. An author who has the ability to not only pull you into the world they create, but takes you on the emotional roller coaster ride along with her characters is made of pure feckin' magic.

 Crystal is my Tinker Bell.

 She sprinkled her fairy dust on me and helped introduce me to a world that changed my life. I had never really heard of indie authors before, and the idea of actually being friends with an author was beyond my comprehension. Now I beta read and help with a few blogs. I've made pimp photos and book trailers. I have traveled to different states and met hundreds of amazing people. I have made some of the best friends I've ever had (even if they do live in my computer).

Now on to the work you should case you haven't already.

Talania - A trip down memory lane...

Here is a video I made for Resenting Me...which is no longer being released as it's own book, but the story will be told in Pyro's book (Damaged Me). 

Crystal's GoodReads page is full of things I cannot wait to read. One of the most intriguing is Orlando (video attached). I love a good porn star story! 

If you are looking for an author who can blow you away, if you want an author who can steal your heart, then Crystal Spears is the woman for you! Stalk her, read her, message her when you love her work, and for the love of all that's holy READ HER WORK! 



Crystal's #1 Stalker Fan...Amber

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