The Rocker that Loves Me: Review

The Rocker That Loves Me Book 4 of The Rocker… Series The Rocker…. I was the fun loving, easy going, different girl—okay, different girls every night—Demon. One look into a pair of violet eyes and all of that changed. She doesn’t even realize how beautiful she is and that makes me want her even more. Realizing that she is just as damaged as I am breaks my heart. Harper is a part of me, my other half. If only she would open her incredible eyes and see how I feel… The Beauty… I knew that I wasn’t Shane Stevenson’s type. Hot rockers don’t go for plain girls like me. Years of my mother telling me just how unbeautiful I am has assured me of that. I have nothing to offer a guy that is so used to hot girls drooling over him. So why is he always there when I turn around? And why does it feel like little needles piercing my heart at the mere thought of him with someone else?

Warning: The Rocker... is book four in the series. While I am always careful not to give spoilers in my reviews, I can't promise that this review will not give spoilers to the previous books in the series, in fact, it most probably will. So if you haven't already read books one through three, I highly suggest you do so. Mostly because they are awesome books!
As I mentioned, The Rocker that Loves Me is book four in the series. It is Shane's story. Shane meets Harper when he goes to New York to support Drake in his efforts to win back the love of his life, Layla. I was looking forward to Shane's story, because he was so emotionally closed off to other people.  He used sex as a way of dealing with blocking his real feelings, and due to that, he had a fierce reputation with groupies. Harper was just as emotionally damaged as a child, and wanted NO part of Shane's charm with the ladies. I admired her so much for that. Their relationship was a joy to see developing. 

Terri Anne Browning is a very talented writer. Because several of these story lines are developing at the same time, it would be easy for the book to become boring having to hear the same story, just from a different point of view. She did a beautiful job of working the previous books story in, while building the current storyline in for a fresh, exciting story. 

We also get to see both Harper and Shane's points of view, which is always a HUGE plus for me. I love to see into both the character's heads. To me, if you only get one side of the story, something is missing. My heart broke a little bit for both of these characters. 

Terri Anne Browning fans will be happy to know that another story is brewing in the background, so be on the lookout for another books soon! I give this book five stars!

Terri Anne Browning

Hated school and reading until her aunt handed over her first romance novel at the age of twelve, as crazy aunts tend to do. It gave her a passion for the written word that has only increased over the years.  At sixteen she started writing her own novellas, forcing her sister to be her one woman fan club. Now she has a few more fans and a lot more passion for writing. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker That Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker… series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon’s Wings. Terri Anne lives just outside of Birmingham, AL with her husband and three children.

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