Slow Hand Quickens by Allie Mathews: Review


Growing up in an apathetic household with an abusive family friend, Kristen Weatherly doesn't know life can be better or that she even deserves it. When all your life you're told to be grateful for what little you have, no matter how awful, how do you know that your life can be more fulfilling?

Kristen's perspective begins to change her senior year in high school when she's befriended by Mila, a girl who shows Kristen that there are people in the world who care without expecting anything in return. Then comes Chris, a boy she's dubbed Mystery Eyes. She soon discovers that Chris' life is similar to her own in ways she never could have imagined.
Can the two get past their shocking and dreadful family histories together, or will their pasts come between them when it matters most?
This novel contains dark themes, sensitive issues and is intended for mature audiences only.


Slow Hand Quickens is heart breaking and empowering all at the same time. At some points during this book I wanted to shake Allie (the author) and ask her why Kristen had gone through so much before finally meeting Mila, and later on Chris, who truly cared about her without limitations.

Kristen was not expecting to let anyone into her life but Mila worked her way in without being noticed until it was too late. Their friendship is one that many wish they had especially in the hard/bad times. Mila is so different than Kristen but she isn’t judgmental like most people would be in her position.
This story really drew me in and I understood Kristen’s way of thinking through the entire book. I had a few moments where I had to remind myself that I didn’t really know Kristen and could not go and protect her.
One thing didn’t like about this book was John. He is the parent’s friend, well really the dad’s drug connection. He abuses Kristen starting very young but is over protective of her when it comes to others touching her. I didn’t like the way the author made his looks (most of the people I know that look as he is described are great people, it’s the pretty ones we should be worried about :/) and personality (he was to hot and cold to fit the description of the person she wanted him to be). But with that being said he is not someone anyone should have to deal with at any point in their lives.

I am giving this book 4 stars because I would have like to see more of Chris’s story and would have loved his point of view also.. who knows maybe Allie will surprise us and that will be next ;)

Allie lives in North Carolina and works at a university bookstore. She reads and writes in her spare time, including lunch breaks. When she's not reading or writing she's usually watching something on television, whether a good show or movie; or she's hanging out with friends...also perhaps drinking. A small amount. Usually rum. She likes rum. Oh, chocolate! She also enjoys eating things chocolate-y. She's always open to book recommendations. She listens to music while she cooks, usually throwing in a few dance moves. Allie thinks random things at random times and writes them down, even when they don't seem to be in any sort of order. She is a work in progress.
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