My Winter by Nikki Young: Release Day ARC Review


Title: My Winter
Author: Nikki Young
Release Date: March 6, 2014

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At age ten, Leah Anderson was taught a hard lesson about life after the death of her father. Love, happiness and perfection only last so long, so why bother seeking them out.

Jaded by his death and the trauma it caused her family, Leah finds herself detached and indifferent about her life and about falling in love. In a safe and unfulfilling engagement to her demanding, perfectionist fiancé, Ellis, it all begins to wear thin. That's when a handsome stranger comes into her life causing her to second guess everything she's known and believed in.

Abruptly ending her engagement and accepting a date with the stranger, Leah finds herself in a very uncomfortable reality. Knowing that every choice has its consequence, Leah runs from her past and lies to her present to keep herself from falling in too deep.

But in the end, can she live with choices she makes because they may ruin it all.

My Winter is the book I’ve been looking for and couldn’t find!!!! I cannot even tell you how much I love this book! I feel like this is the best friend I haven’t seen in forever – I haven’t laughed, cried, and had this much fun reading a book in a long long time!

Leah is engaged to be married, and she thinks she has everything she needs with Ellis. But, a chance encounter with a stranger and an offer of a date (along with a push from a friend) has Leah questioning what she has and what she WANTS. She starts to take a long hard look at her reality.

Leah’s been hiding since she was ten years old. And, the more time she spends with her new stranger, the more she realizes just how much she’s been hiding from her past and she has never truly let anyone in …... until Adam. Leah’s feelings for Adam surprise her and throw her into a tailspin.

 Adam isn’t without a little baggage either. He falls for Leah just as fast as she does for him. The only difference is Adam isn’t afraid to admit it. As the pair grows closer, Leah realizes just how true it is when it’s said that lies by omission are still lies. That lies hurt, and they can ruin everything. 

My Winter is a book that reminds me why I love reading and makes me fall in love with it all over again. I was utterly consumed. You are being warned: this book is EXTREMELY hard to put down! You won’t be saying “just one more chapter” because once you start it you won’t stop until you turn the very last page. 

It’s been quite a while since I have felt this way about a book. I simply adore it. The cover is absolutely beautiful which is definitely reflective of what’s inside. And, once you figure out the meaning behind the title and the cover art…. well, you’ll be crying your eyes out (at least I did). I read a lot of books but this one is special and very memorable. It’s nice to find a book where everything about it – the title, cover, and words – plays an integral part in it all.

My Winter is filled with endearing characters, heartache, laughs galore, heart-warming moments, and palpable sexual tension. The dialogue is smart, sexy, fun, and witty; and, I just love Nikki Young’s writing style. The writing is solid and the level of maturity is remarkable, it will hook you from the very beginning. I swear I highlighted nearly every word Nikki wrote. 

The characters are the heart of this story. And, boy do they have heart!! Leah and Adam are extremely lovable. The supporting characters –best friend Cari, Jimmy, and Leah’s entire family – are just as wonderful and have the right involvement and add a lot to the story.

The story Nikki Young weaves is simply well told and just wonderful. The plot isn’t overly complicated with mind-blowing twists and turns; it’s perfectly engaging and very well done. I really feel like this is what I’ve been missing lately. Sometimes all you need is a truly GREAT story!!!!

I love a good book. A bath, a book and a bag of chocolate and I'm in heaven. The ereader has spawned my love of reading into an obsession and I'm sure my credit card is on its last leg.

I took my love of reading and turned it into a love of writing. I wrote my first novel, A Life More Complete over the last year and I am thrilled to share it with everyone.


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