Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover: ARC Review

Title:  Maybe Someday
Author:  Colleen Hoover
Release Date:  March 18, 2014

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At twenty-two years old, Sydney has a great life: She's in college, working a steady job, in love with her wonderful boyfriend, Hunter, and rooming with her best friend, Tori. But everything changes when she discovers Hunter's cheating on her--and she is left trying to decide what to do next.

Sydney becomes captivated by Ridge, her mysterious neighbor. She can't take her eyes off him or stop listening to the passionate way he plays his guitar every evening out on his balcony. And there's something about Sydney that Ridge can't ignore, either. When their inevitable encounter happens, they soon find themselves needing each other in more ways than one...

Colleen Hoover, Colleen Hoover….. oh, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

I’m not sure I can write a coherent review for this one. So I am going with random thoughts...

Can you believe I was afraid to read this?!?!?!?!? It’s a CoHo book for crying out loud, and I was afraid. (*eye roll*) Why? Well, I heard rumblings of a love triangle. While it’s somewhat of an untraditional triangle, it still has 3 sides and once connected makes a triangle. I like stories with a single line that runs from guy to girl. No veering of course, no wavy lines, straight and to the point. I’m not so good with angst.

Needless to say, this is so NOT what I was expecting.. AT ALL!!!!

I think this is Colleen Hoover’s BEST work to date. Some may feel otherwise, but it’s probably because this book is REAL. Life isn’t fair, people get hurt…… that’s just the way it is. 

One word ----> ABSOLUTELY ORIGINAL!! (ok, thats 2 but whatever)

Creating an original soundtrack was genius. LOVE IT! It’s hard to read lyrics in a book without actually hearing the song. The soundtrack more than added to the experience.

The fact that I was sitting in my car waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and I just burst into tears thinking about Maybe Someday says alot..... or maybe it just says I'm irrational and crazy??? IDK 

If Colleen Hoover ever offers you an Oreo respectfully decline and back away slowly. 

Lets talk about character names CoHo is the queen of choosing names for characters. I swear I am letting her name my next child. So if the whole writing thing doesn't pan out, I think you have a good shot at making it in the baby naming biz. 

I love how Syd and Ridge meet. It kind of had me happy clapping like a school girl. Very sweet.

CoHo seriously needs to take out an insurance policy for her brain like models do for their legs with Lloyd's of London. 

Warren – he was quirky when we first met him, then a total a$$, and by the end I fell in love. And, his choice of television entertainment is not for everyone, to say the least. Dare I say he was my favorite????? I mean ‘you suck’, Warren. 


I never really looked at the cover before. Now it makes sense. DUUUUUUH!

I swear I had a constant smirk plastered on my face. Parts of this were so hilarious. It was like an instant mood fixer for me. I was seriously busting a gut laughing so hard and out loud on the train. 

I would like my heart back. If it’s a pound of flesh you’re wanting, I will trade you. I will give you a kid - I have two so I am fine giving you one (plus, I know you’ll take great care of it). But I'm warning you, you're getting the one that doesn't listen….

Maybe Someday is definitely one of THE best books I have EVER read! With Colleen Hoover, you’re basically guaranteed something great, but this surpasses anything that I could possibly say using 26 letters!!!! 

5+++  STARS!!!

Colleen Hoover is the author of five New York Times bestselling novels. Her first series was published in 2012 and includes Slammed, Point of Retreat, and This Girl. Her second series, published in 2013, includes the #1 NYT's bestseller Hopeless and the companion novel, Losing Hope. She has released a free novella, Finding Cinderella, as a thank you to her readers for their continued support. The novella is a companion to her Hopeless series, but can be read as a standalone.

Colleen lives in East Texas with her husband, their three boys, their dog, Pacey, and their zombie, Steve. Colleen loves Diet Pepsi more than all of the things, and is a ninja in her spare time.

You can follow Colleen on Instagram if you want to watch her pointless, random videos, or on Twitter, but she rarely tweets anything worth following. You can also find her on her blog at or on her very active Facebook page where she loves to give away free stuff when her husband isn't looking.

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