My Sweet Escape by Roselynn Reyes: Review

This is a story of a girl who had it all. Money, opportunity, and bright future with her upcoming college graduation. Until a trip overseas shattered it all.

This is the story of a man who has nothing to lose, and puts his life on the line everyday to feel something in his numb soul. A soul that has been destroyed because of his past. Until he meets her.

Together they embark a journey that will test their faith, sanity, and control over everything they thought they had in order. But not everything in life is what it seems.
Sometimes you need to sacrifice a few things to realize how important life is. Even if it means losing the people you love.

62 days. That’s how long Samantha has been missing. A trip to Italy has gone wrong and Samantha is being held captive by terrorists in Afghanistan. Hunter is missing. Samantha thinks that her life is over. Until Angel walks into her shack. He’s perfect in every way imaginable. He helps her escape when Samantha loses hope. But both Samantha and Angel are about to realize that escaping the campsite was the easy part. Because this kidnapping is about to spiral out of control. 

Missing.... Kidnapped... Imprisoned… 62 days... Survival... Escape... An Impossible Mission... Love... An angel... Heart Pounding Suspense…

Wow! Talk about being pulled in from page one!! POWERFUL and GRIPPING. This one dug its claws in me right from the very beginning, and held on tight until the very end! This falls into the “different” category for me. I needed something intense, gritty, and raw with some romance, and I certainly found it. This has definitely earned a place on my favorite shelf!

The story starts fast and hard when Samantha’s rescuer enters her cell. She’s slumped over and tied to a chair – weak, covered in cuts and bruises, and scared from months of imprisonment and torture; afraid to look up and barely able to lift her head. The footsteps are coming closer, closer, closer……. She finally lifts her head to see the most beautiful turquoise eyes. He’s absolutely beautiful with tattoos completely covering his right arm.

“I felt like I was in a daze. I felt like I was dead, and he was here to take me away to Heaven.”

……It’s not one of her captors. 

“How come you’re the only one here?” He laughed a cold short laugh and his eyes grew dark. “Because everyone else thought this was a suicide mission. Everyone backed out. The whole team. I was the only one willing to do this.”

So who is he??? His name is Angel. He works for The Secret Rescue Mission not supported by the US Government. He was hired by Samantha’s father to rescue her.  Angel and Samantha flee from the prison camp. And, THIS is where the real story begins………. It’s not about what happened to her in captivity, it’s about what happens between Samantha and her ‘Angel’.

Life isn’t planned, a military mission is, but the plan was never to fall in love……….

Angel’s mission was to rescue Samantha. He risks his life to ensure Samantha’s safety. Who would even volunteer for such an insane mission??? Someone that has nothing to lose. Angel grew up in orphanage until the age of 15, he was emancipated, joined the Navy and became a Navy SEAL at 18. The military gave Angel an escape from his difficult childhood and something other than the past to focus on. He has no family and no attachment to anyone other than his military family. Angel is silent, mysterious, strong, and stoic. The Navy taught him to control his emotions – that is until he meets Samantha. Samantha wasn't just a mission….

Their escape takes them all over the Middle East. The more time the pair spend together, the more Sam remembers, the more attached she becomes to Angel, and the more protective Angel becomes of Sam. Feelings change and their quest for survival becomes a lesson in what’s really important in life.

“Going through so many different emotions with Angel had brought me closer to him. He’d been my shoulder to cry on from the very beginning.”

THIS BOOK STOLE MY HEART!!! I finished this after midnight, and I was reeling so bad from it that I could not fall asleep. My mind just wouldn't shut off. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It’s suspenseful, sad, heart-stopping, emotional, and REAL. What happens to Sam in captivity is shocking, brutal, and utterly heartbreaking, but Ms. Reyes does a great job with it. She gives it the edge that makes it believable. She doesn’t attempt to sugar coat it or make it more palpable for the reader. It’s not overly graphic, it’s done perfectly.

Watching the relationship between Sam and Angel change was wonderful. It felt real and natural. For the first time in forever, Angel wants to push away the numbness in his soul. He needs someone, he needs Samantha.

“I want to always protect you, even when this nightmare is over.” He came up and kissed my cheeks, my shoulder, and my hands. “Don’t ever leave me,” he said in between kisses.”

The flow and pace is fabulous. Ms. Reyes does a great job of keeping the story moving and the reader guessing - there are twists and surprises at every turn. This is more than just a story of kidnapping and rescue- it’s a tale of love and survival that will pull at your heartstrings. This is a FANTASTIC book for anyone who enjoys romance with a little grit, suspense, and a lot of HEART.

I love love love it, I HIGHLY recommend it, and I cannot wait for the next book!!!!

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