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Title: Overwhelmed By You
Series: Tear Asunder, #2
Author: Nashoda Rose
Release Date: May 27, 2014



Love is ugly and secrets will destroy you.


I don’t beg.
I don’t cry.
And I don’t give second chances.

Ream, the lead guitarist of the rock band Tear Asunder, deserves a gold medal for best dick move ever when he ran the moment he discovered my secret after two days of hot sex. Then he brings some chick to my coming home party from the hospital—after being shot.
I hate him.

Until …

Ream’s six foot two frame unfolds out of the car after being gone on tour for eight months. I stared. And in my defense, any girl would stare. It would almost be rude not to because Ream was the type of guy who stood out. Not because he was loud and obnoxious. No, it was because he was the complete opposite. Subtle and dangerously quiet. If he spoke, you’d better hope he liked you because otherwise you’d be falling at his feet begging for mercy. Except me … I don’t beg—ever.
But when our eyes locked, it was Ream’s steady confidence that had my nerves shooting off like jet sprinklers.


Ream told me he didn’t need a second chance because he was still working on his first.

Sex is ugly. It’s using someone for your own narcissistic pleasure. I did it and I hated it—until her. She was unfuckinexpected. Then I had to wreck our beginning with my screwed up past.
I don’t deserve her, but I’m selfish and I’m taking her anyway. This is who I am and it’s too late to change me.
*Warning contains violence, sexual content, and coarse language. Mature audiences 18+*

A contemporary romance with lots of angst and a taste of dark.


I swung the statue down onto his skull again and again.
The sound of crushing bone crackled throughout the room.
Blood splattered my green T-shirt like a mist of rain.
I didn’t care. Not one bit.
He destroyed her.
He deserved this.
Images of the bruises on her arms, the puncture marks, blurred my vision.
She watched me kill him.
Sitting on the floor, dazed with a glassy look in her eyes.
This was my fault.
I let this happen to her. I didn’t protect her.
I threw the statue aside. It made a loud thud as it hit the wood floor, and she jerked. I glanced at the needles on the bedside table. The yellow elastic band.
I was glad he was dead.
I strode over to her, picked her frail, weightless body up, and ran.
Her beauty was wilting. My angel. I had done that.


I thought this book was going to be about Ream chasing after Kat to win her back.  Well, it was but it wasn’t.  I was clawing to get my hands on this one.  I was desperate to know exactly what went down between Ream and Kat to keep them at each other’s throats like they were.  Let me tell you….. it ain’t no small thing either. 

Wow!  I didn’t think anyone could top my love for Logan in the first book, but Ream sure as hell is giving him a run for his money.  OMG.  Ream totally stole my heart.  I love how crazy in love he is with Kat.  He’s just soooooooo……….. perfect but with rough edges.  You’ll find his rough edges are for a very good reason, too.  The sexual tension between Ream and Kat is so hot it could spark wild fires.  And, I absolutely love the way Ream goes about getting herback.  It’s not what you’re expecting…… it’s better.  And, with the turn of each page, Crisis managed to worm his way into my heart too.  I’m kind of loving him now.   

I absolutely loved the first book.  The storyline is original and it grabs you and doesn’t let go.  But this one……Yes, it captured my attention.  Yes, I was glued to my Kindle.  Yes, Ream is very captivating.  But, at times, I was thinking this is just too much.  The start was a bit rocky for me.  I felt like the author was using the formula from book one and just changing out characters and a bit of the storyline – alluring yet dominating and overprotective guy + secretive and haunting past + chasing the girl + an OMG-no-way-you’ve-got-to-be-kidding BIG event (or two).  Once I got further into the story though that feeling kind of eased up (sort of).  Buuuuuuuuuut…….. there was just soooo much going on, and I sort of felt certain things were thrown in to create a big ah-ha moment that just seemed to be waaaaaaaay too much.  I’m not talking about Ream’s past or the secrets he keeps; I’m talking the BIG things that seem to happen one after another without a breather.  It kind of had my head spinning and not in a good way – I got a bit of whiplash.  I know a few scenes had to be placed in the story to make the sub plots meet up at the end, but a few felt as if they were dumped in there out of necessity.  These scenes were brief and not explored much that I found myself saying this is odd and feels out of place so I bet it plays into the story later. I agree they are needed, but the way they were inserted into the story felt intentional and not woven in to make it feel as part of the story.

So, yes I loved Ream and Kat’s story but it wasn’t without a few snags for me.  Overall, great read with some seriously fabulously heart melting things that came out of Ream’s mouth. 

There’s also the Prologue for Georgie and Deck’s story, Perfect Chaos, at the end of Overwhelmed By You.  Ummmm…. not sure about that one.  To be honest, I’m loving the seriously mysterious blow ‘em-up-under-cover-don’t-mess-with-me persona of Deck, but for me Georgie …. yah, not really feeling her.  Maybe her book will change my mind.  I guess we’ll see………

3.75 STARS!



Nashoda Rose lives in Toronto with her assortment of pets. She writes contemporary romance with a splash of darkness, or maybe it’s a tidal wave. Her novella "With You" is the first in the Tear Asunder series, followed by the novel "Torn from You" and "Overwhelmed by You". When she isn’t writing, she can be found sitting in a field reading with her dog at her side while her horses graze nearby. She loves interacting with her readers on Facebook and chatting about her addiction—books.

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