Fierce by Sabrina York: Review and Sale

The last thing Katie expects—when she meets her friend Joy for a girls’ weekend in Vegas to celebrate her divorce—is an ambush. But Joy, determined to get Katie “back on the horse,” has submitted her profile with Madame Eve—who’s found her the perfect man.

Katie doesn’t want another man. She certainly doesn’t want or need confirmation that it’s her fault Mark could never satisfy her.

When Sebastian—scarred by the infidelity of his wife—overhears Katie’s confession, and the fact that she was faithful to her husband for ten years even though he never met her needs, he’s intrigued. More than intrigued. He’s determined to prove to this gorgeous, tempting, fascinating woman that she is not frigid. In fact, she is fierce.

Fierce is part of the 1Night Stand series published by Decadent Publishing. If you aren't familiar with the premise of 1Night Stand, you are missing out! It is a series of short stories by a number of talented authors with a common theme: a high end dating service called 1Night Stand. The force behind 1Night Stand is Madame Eve, who has the uncanny knack of taking the profiles of her clients and finding them the perfect match for what they need. Of course, if you can't tell from the name, the specialty of this particular dating service is a night of uncomplicated, no questions asked passion. Don't worry, Madame Eve is a pro at digging up any dirt on her clients, and only the best get accepted. (I KNOW it's just a book, but that kind of stuff crosses my mind!) Now that you have the background, I can tell you about Fierce!

Katie is newly divorced and hanging out with her friend in Vegas to celebrate. Why is she celebrating? It's the end of a marriage that had dwindled into more of a roommate relationship. Ohhhh, then the real fun begins, her friend is happy to announce, in a crowded bar, that her husband of ten years had never provided her with the big O. Oh, and that she bought Katie a 1Night Stand. (nice friend) Katie is horrified. Especially when she realizes that her 1Night Stand is at the next table and heard the entire exchange.

Sebastian is man who has been hurt too many times by unfaithful women. He uses 1Night Stand to keep women from hurting him again. Katie's faithfulness to a husband who didn't meet her needs for so long is intriguing to him. The story is short and steamy, with alternating points of view. Sabrina York NEVER skims on the details in the sex scenes, and this story was no exception. You can really feel the hurt both Katie and Sebastian have felt in the past, and how it has effected them up to this point. Especially Sebastian. You can feel his loneliness and yet he is so moved by Katie. It is really an emotional story for being so short and being tagged as erotica. I hope this author ends up writing more of the 1Night Stand stories, because this one was awesome! I give it five stars.

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