Ride Hard by Heather Leigh: Blog Tour Review and Giveaway

Title: Ride Hard (Condemned Angels MC #2)
Author: Heather Leigh
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 24, 2014

**This is book 2 of the Condemned Angels MC Series**

Jeremy Moretti, son the of the Condemned Angel’s President, has always had eyes for Nicole, his baby sister, Roxy’s best friend.

Nicole has eyes for both Jeremy and Hunter.

The Condemned Angels MC is the only family Nicole has left. After a series of events that almost cost Nicole to take her own life, Jeremy was the one to save her.

They have both struggled with sexual frustration for years, and have been holding back on each other. Being too stubborn and hard headed, Jeremy decides it’s best to push her away. When he doesn’t step up to the plate, Hunter is there to break her fall.

While Hunter and Nicole’s relationship blossoms, Jeremy tries to move on. However, he can’t let her go. It always been here, and it always comes back to Nicole.

After the death of the rival MC’s President, Ryder, has the Devil’s MC in a uproar as Ryder’s surviving brother, Jax has come to seek revenge.

With revenge, Jax brings unknown secrets that pertain to Nicole, which may risk everything, her safety, her MC family, and most importantly, Jeremy.

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Jeremy Moretti and Chase DeLuca have grown up together and into different MCs. Their lives were promised and destined to the Condemned Angels and Hell's Rebels. As they grew, so did Chase's feelings for Jeremy's younger sister, Roxanne. 

Stemming from separate clubs, they have all the stakes against them. Michael Moretti, President of the Condemned Angels has forewarned Chase to stay away from his daughter.There is too much at risk and clubs stick to their own. No mixing whatsoever. 

The years apart have done them good, however, Roxanne has finished school and is back home, and back in Chase's life. However, she isn't alone. Roxanne is dating the Treasurer of her father's club. 

Things start to go wrong as Roxy and Chase's secret feelings grow stronger for one another. Will Chase fight for what has always been his, or will the MC stand in his way? 

**BOOK 1 of a 3 BOOK SERIES** 

***Minor Cliff Hanger/Carry over at the end of the book ***

Nicole is torn...should she be with Jeremy who she has lusted after for years, or should she be with Hunter, who is also hot and is interested in her. Yes, there are way more important things happening in this book, but let me take a moment to picture a world where I don't have to choose between Jeremy and Hunter. Yeah...a Jeremy/Hunter sandwich. *pauses to wipe drool* Okay, I'm back with y'all! 

Ride Hard picks up a bit after Burning Desire ends. Nicole is now living in Jeremy's house (as a roommate) and tensions are high. I can't say enough times that I am a huge MC whore and this series has me panting for more. Yes, as the author states there is a cliffhanger, but come on! We seriously only have to wait a short time to get the next installment of the story. This is one of those stories were I really can't say too much without giving stuff away...and it kills me because I WANT to talk about this book! It has all of the stuff a great MC book should have: hot men, fast bikes, blood and sweat, hot sex, and some serious intrigue. 

I can with absolute certainty say that if you like a good book (especially if you like a good MC book) you should pick this bad boy up. I am giving this baby a solid 4.5 stars of sexiness. For serious, not much was not to be loved about this book. And I am waiting very impatiently for the next installment! 

Deciding to write books was something I had contemplated for a while. A co-worker of mine had gotten me started me on the 50 Shades Trilogy. I had quickly became absorbed! Reading contemporary romance had become a part of me.
Little did I know that my daughter was a product of the “50 Shades Baby Boom”! I remember going to my doctor’s appointment to find out that we were off to labor and delivery- and I didn’t download any new books to my kindle! Talk about bummed out! However, I made up for that when I was home for my maternity leave. I believe we read 40+ books while I was home.
I am a full time new mom, and wife. Yes, I do work full time, I am currently doing multiple things, bouncing back after baby, weight watchers, exercising, training for a 5k, reading and writing. So far, I have really enjoyed writing as a hobby.
My work book club, “HE” had consumed us (and by us, I mean 2). We were critics of the stories and characters. I then thought to myself, “hmm, I bet I could write stories just like this, and have them turn out like I’d want them to.” Well, joking turned into thinking. Thinking turned into brainstorming. Brainstorming lead to opening a word document and letting my mind explore.
Growing up I had written short stories with friends, and as extra credit for school. This is probably where it all started… I had turned in one of my short stories without re-reading, or editing it completely. I had my paper returned to me saying the “content was inappropriate.” Apparently contemporary romance was frowned upon in English class! Oops! So maybe I was destined to become a writer.
I thought to myself that I want to live in this world and make a difference and have a part of me in history after I leave. This is me staying forever young.
Here I will post my journey, it’s a learning experience for me, so please bear with me.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, recommendations- I welcome them all.

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